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Using the correct lubricant is essential, using the wrong lubricants can be disastrous. At Frentech we understand that some of these products are not readily available so we supply the correct lubricants with all of our products.

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brake fluid

Brake fluid

This contains a lubricant and is suitable for most vehicles, it can also be used as a lubricant for assembling hydraulic seals & pistons.

red rubber grease

Red rubber grease

This preserves and lubricates, perfect for lubricating hydraulic brake seals and pistons.

silicone grease

Silicone grease

This is used for lubricating guide pins / slider pins. Not suitable for use with hydraulic seals.

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bad oils and greases

The effects of using the wrong lubricant

Below are some images which show the affect the wrong lubricant can have on piston dust covers.

New piston dust cover

New piston dust cover

Image 1 shows a brake caliper piston dust cover as it is when new and untouched by any lubricants.

Copper grease effect

Copper grease effect

Image 2 shows the same dust cover after soaking in Copper grease for 24 hours, the size has increased by almost 6mm, this dust cover would be trying to squeeze out of the caliper casting and past the piston, causing the piston to stick.



Image 3 shows a piston dust cover after soaking in universal grease for 24 hours. Again the size has increased by almost 6mm, with the same result as above.



Image 4 shows a piston dust cover after 2 hours soaking in WD40, this dust cover will causing the piston to stick in the caliper and the brakes will bind.

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