Caliper Repair Kits

Frentech-UK caliper repair kits contain the components required to service/repair brake calipers.

A standard kit includes piston dust covers, inner hydraulic piston seals, guide pin bellows and bleed nipple / screw caps.

Single kits provide parts for EITHER 1x front or 1x rear caliper.

Double kits provide parts for EITHER 2x front or 2x rear calipers.

Frentech stocks single and double kits for a wide variety of vehicles, you can either search our eBay store or call us to find out what kit you need. Kits available from as little as £5.69.

repair kit 01


Caliper repair kits contain the rubber components required to service / repair brake calipers.

The caliper repair kit in the image on the left is a fairly standard repair kit for a front caliper and contains the piston dust cover, the inner hydraulic piston seal, guide pin bellows and bleed nipple cap.

Front brake calipers are generally simple and easy to repair.

We will be creating a series of instructional video’s over the coming months.

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repair kit 02


This image shows a repair kit for a rear ATE (Teves) brake caliper. Rear calipers with built in handbrake mechanisms can be a little tricky and often require specialist tools.

Youtube can be a great source of instructional video’s but if you are not sure, contact your local garage.

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Our Guide

Brake assembly grease

Every kit comes with a sachet of Frentech brake assembly grease. It is a vegetable oil-based formulation, suitable for use with both rubber and metal components.

  • Non-damaging to rubber components
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Great water resilience
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Reduces friction
  • Provides long lasting lubrication
Use Frentech brake pad anti-squeal compound for the back surface of pads, retaining clips and sliders.
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