Brake Pad Fitting Kits

Frentech-UK brake Pad fitting kits are all precision made using high quality, durable materials. Designed to be direct replacements for OE parts, components are manufactured to specifications consistent with original equipment.

The contents of every brake pad fitting kit may vary, depending on which caliper it is intended to fit. They may include: Rattle shims, pins, clips and springs.

Every kit comes with a sachet of Frentech anti-squeal compound, which is specifically formulated for use with Frentech brake pad fitting kits. An advanced non-metallic lubricant, that is a modern alternative to copper grease.

Frentech stocks single and double kits for a wide variety of vehicles, for as little as £5.95. Search our eBay store or call to find out which kit you need.

Our Guide

Brake pad anti-squeal compound

A metal-free lubricant for the back surfaces of pads, retaining clips and sliders – everywhere there is movement.

  • Contains no solid constituents
  • Anti-lock approved
  • Facilitates brake assembly
  • Reduces brake squealing
  • Protects against scratching and corrosion
  • Free of copper and acids
  • Non-conductive
  • Supplied in a 10ml sachet for easy application
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