Brake Caliper Pistons

Brake caliper pistons are usually hard chromed steel, although some manufacturers use aluminium alloy or phenolic pistons. Remember, the piston surface seals the brake caliper, the piston should be in like-new condition. If the piston is pitted or scored, it should be replaced.



Steel pistons are perfect for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and passenger vehicles because of the increased durability and ability to withstand high compression pressures and operating temperatures.

Steel pistons have proven to be a reliable and durable component.

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Aluminium pistons are light weight and becoming increasingly poplular. They are made to suit all kinds of automotive brake systems and provide a lighter and more cost-effective solution for passenger vehicles.

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Phenolic pistons are composite plastic, they are mold pressed, heated, and molded into shape.

They do not rust, are not affected by heat or moisture in the brake system, do not transfer heat to the brake fluid and are much lighter than steel. They are used in various OE applications.

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The pistons in this image show the old piston on the left which has rusted through the chrome plating to the steel on the right, this piston is no longer serviceable and should be replaced.
The piston on the right is a Frentech “Hard chromed” piston, manufactured to exceed Original Equipment specifications, increase durability and improve service life.
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