Titanium Bleed Nipples

Frentech titanium bleed nipples are manufactured in Aerospace space Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy.

​​​​​​Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals on the planet. It has the highest strength to density ratio of any metallic element, is up to 40% lighter compared with steel and is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.

A brake caliper bleed nipple is a screw, located at the top of a caliper. They are used to allow bleeding by creating a temporary opening in an otherwise closed hydraulic system. The threads are tapered for a snug fit, to prevent fluid from leaking. The screw is hollow with a small hole, so that when the screw is loosened, fluid and air can move through the screw.

Fluid can’t be compressed, so when force is applied at the pedal it is transferred almost immediately to the brakes. When air is in the system, the maximum amount of pressure that can be applied to the breaks is reduced. The brakes can then become spongy or can stop working completely. This is when the titanium bleed nipples needs to be loosened in order to purge the system of air.

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